Technologies used:

SAEMENTAL Web System was created to help Psychiatric nursing classes at the Federal University of Pernambuco. I’m proud to say this was my very first big web application which gained visibility. With SAEMENTAL, I had the opportunity to publish my first academic paper in a renowned Journal of Health Informatics during my graduation and helped me to get a scholarship at The University of Texas at Houston. Furthermore, all codes are registered with a Software Patent.

Publication: 2010

Papper: Journal of Health Informatics - ISSN 2175-4411

Objective: This paper describes the development of a computerized tool to conduct practices in the nursing process in mental health. This system was developed for use in the Psychiatric nursing classes of the Nursing school at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Method: Its development was based on the Theory of basic human needs of Wanda A. Horta and Dorothea Elizabeth Orem, also, had used as main terminologies: ICNP (International Classification of Nursing Practice), NIC (Nursing Interventions Classification) and NOC (Nursing Outcomes Classification). Results: The application system was developed for the Web platform and has been used in practical activities in computer labs or in extra-class activities for discussion of clinical cases by students. The prototype was preliminarily evaluated by students in practical activities in the disciplines of Psychiatric nursing and Health informatics. Conclusion: This work contributes to developing of student confidence to carry out the nursing process in mental health in his/ her future professional activities
Computer Program Registration Patent